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25,000 trees planted for 1984 SIKH GENOCIDE

25,000 trees planted to commemorate 1984 GENOCIDE which India wants to hide : GENOCIDE, ETHNOCIDE & ECOCIDE


    Sikhs in Panjaab and across the state of India, have planted 25,000 trees to commemorate the 25 year anniversary of the historic genocide of 1984 which consumed 50,000 Sikh lives in Panjaab and another 10,000 across the Indian state.

    1984 represents INDIA's HIDDEN GENOCIDE. This is a genocide unreported, unrecognised and unenquired by the United Nations nor by general international media. No government of the world has dared to challenge the powerful and commercially vibrant Indian state about the atrocities of 1984. Wholescale silence has been the unified response!

    This hidden genocide took the form of two phases of mass onslaught on the Sikh population, directly by the Indian state. Firstly, in June 1984, a gruesome bloody military 'crackdown' on the Sikh population following four decades of Sikh agitation for ethnic rights and political autonomy (self-dermination). Projected as a 'crackdown on terrorists', as all such state actions are against agitating communities, tens of thousands of Sikhs were targeted in a mass round-up by the Indian army and taken away. Over 25,000 disappeared. This preceded a mass-scale military raid on the national centre of the Sikh people, in Amritsar. In this gigantic military raid, 8,000 Sikh civilians (men, women and children) were slaughtered in the space of three days between 3-6th June 1984. The bodies were never returned to relatives. They were secretly cremated en masse. The second phase followed in November 1984. Mass-scale killings were orchestrated by the Indian state, across its major cities. Sikh families and civilians were set upon by hooligan mobs led by public officials and Members of Parliament. Horrifying scenes of Sikh males lieing on the streets of Dheli, with burning tyres round the necks, failed to stem a five day public killing spree. The then Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, a darling of the west, like his mother Indira Gandhi, declared "Lets get these bastards!".

Further genocide followed, in a ten year violent crackdown on Sikhs in Panjaab. Army and police torture and killings, became the daily norm, behind a closed cage of media censorship, political suppression and mass repression. A armed resistance by enraged Sikhs, villified as 'terrorists' (as is the usual propaganda strategy of states), was savageously suppressed with draconian torture and killing methods. Ordinary civilians were gruesomely targeted in this mass scale Indian state crackdown on the most potent and sustained challenge to its power, from a determined and committed minority who had the courage and daring to take on a goliath.

BRIEF BACKGROUNDThe 20 million Sikhs concentrated in their historic homeland of Panjaab, are the Kurds and Palestinians of India. The Sikhs have been in an intensely agonising tussle with the Indian state, since its contentious formation in 1947, following the British 'transfer of power'. The mighty and dominant Indian state, encompasses a territory which equals the
the geographical mass of the European Union states! India's diverse and disparate population, exceeds the European Union population by four times in number! The ruling elite of India, like its imperial predecessors, and like its Chinese, Russian and other counterparts, seekings to compress, suppress and indoctrinate the entire population that that INDIA is their homeland and that they belong to INDIA. INDIANISATION! All who speak about change through decentralisation of power to autonomous regions, self-determination of India's diverse ethnic peoples and recognition of India's social, ethnic and linguistic diversity; are decried by the Indian state as 'traitors', 'subversives', 'extremists' and 'terrorists'.

The wreckless and immoral 1947 transfer of power by the British to a new ruling elite in India, sealed the tragic fate of many nations like the Sikhs. In a classic British act of global disregard for peoples rights, the British committed another act of callous decision-making. At the stroke of pen, the entire power and governance of the map of India was handed over to Pandit Nehru and his entourage, without any consultation or referendum for the peoples directly affected. Imperialism had not ceased. It simply changed its colour from British to Indian, not less vociferous, violent, repressive and genocidal. Indeed, more!

The British delivered total power to Pandit Nehru and his trusted band. He was a most favoured the political figure, who hobnobbed with the British whilst posing as the 'leader' of India's 'independence' movement.

1947 was a single and sharp hand-over of the entire power and rule over a vast imperial territory, forged through 250 years of piecemeal conquest of diverse national and ethnic peoples, to another elitist set of rulers. The British ruling elite, keen to rid themselves now of the once glorious and grandiose empire of India, handed over the reigns of power in Dheli to the single person of Pandit Nehru and his confidantes. Disparate cries for freedom, self-determination and home rule of Panjaab, Nagaland, Assam, Kashmir and more, were steamrolled then as they have continued to be since.

The British rulers had conquered, piece by piece, the entire mass of territory across the map of greater 'India' over 250 years from 1600 to 1850. The British Indian empire succeeded the earlier Mughal empire. The various nations and regions of India, representing diverse languges, cultures, societies and ethnic groups, who variously breathed some fresh air from the tyrannical subjugation of the long running Mughal empire; saw their independent kingdoms and semi-independent territories consumed yet again, into the emerging British Raj.

The seeds planted above, which hopefully sprout as a symbol of the struggle of the Sikhs, a struggle of small people over mighty states likes India. This kind of struggle endures across the globe, against states like China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Burma, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Morocco and many more.

ECO-CIDE FOLLOWS GENOCIDE & ETHNOCIDEMany of the struggling people, are losing not only their culture, language, territory, history, but also their natural ecological existence. The lands of Panjaab are being savageously exploited by the Indian state for its vast natural water resources, its potent soil fertility and its wholescale capacity as 'bread basket of India' - providing 60% of the food resources to a 1.5 billion population. Panjaab's land, rivers, wildlife and biodiversity is being savageously damaged in this process of Indian imperialism. An Indian government driven 'GREEN REVOLUTION' was imposed on Panjaab, inducing the ordinary economically deprived farming population of Panjaab with glorified genetically modified super-seeds which would produce mass crop output. The option of continuing economic hardship versus a projected escape through intensive farming, presented mainstream farmers with a quick way out. The long-term affects have been disasterous for Panjaab, its soil, its rivers, its farming families, it's ecological and human health. The Indian state continues extract the water and agricultural produce of Panjaab plentifully, on its own terms.

  • Lord Stern, the UK Government environment advisor, has predicted that Panjaab was will be reduced to a desert under the current trend of the intensive water extraction from Panjaab.

A cutting-edge report by Pardeep Singh Rai, documents the widespread affects of this ECO-CIDE on Panjaab's natural environment and its rustic, village population. See "Environmental Injustice in the Panjab" on

In short, the power driven ruling establishment of the Indian state, is undermining and crippling the Sikhs and other populations; culturally, economically, educationally and ecologically. See the following, for further details:

This is the same story for the Kurd, West Papuan tribes, Ogoni, Indigneous 'American' nations and other struggling peoples around the globe.

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"Air is Guru. Water is the Father. The Earth is the Paramount Mother." Guru Granth Sahib

"Earth teaches us patience and love. Air teaches us mobility. Fire teaches us warmth and courage. Sky teaches us equality and broad mindedness. Water teaches us purity and cleanliness." panna 1018, Guru Granth Sahib

A sacred love of nature, the earth and all its totality, is central to the sikh spiritual vision.

Throughout the Guru Granth Sahib, the central written expression of sikh ethical belief and philosophy, the language of nature is widely and abundantly used. This is both to directly glorify nature and to metaphorically talk about the conduct of the human species - "be like the duck, whose wings are constantly struck by water but never become wet".

Nature is great and beautiful. It is the provider of all the essentials of life - air, water, soil, sunshine and more. Without nature there would be no life.

Nature, the planet, and many more planetary systems have not just come about by accidental or self-propelled 'evolution'. They represent a vast jigsaw, in a perfect equilibirium. Each part connects to the other, creating a greater whole. Day followed by night. Rain followed by dryness. Sunshine followed by cloudiness. High and low temperatures. Many diverse creatires. Many different vegetation and plants. Each functioning in a perfect harmony and coherence, sometimes not understood nor appreciated by the human species whose knowledge is limited and often defined by scientific and techonological-material exploitation.
According to Sikhi, the comprehensive infinitude of nature, planets and multiple solar systems; is beyond the 'dominion' of human society. There are vastly more things about life, which the human mind doesn't not know nor recognise, much less appreciate. Few amongst the humans have the willingness to accept the unexplained beauty, coherence and uniqueness of nature. Why is the sky blue? Why is the sun yellow? Why is water colourless? Few are prepared to accept nature for what it is, and embrace its benevolence without condition or question.

According to the Sikh vision, the planet with its natural processes and vast network of life, is the product of a great benevolent force. This 'godly' being, has created, nourished and, will ultimately, dissolve the earth. The earth is a sacred being, representing a vast and interconnected 'thread of life'. It works and functions as a living being, according to the natural laws and features affixed to it, by the central creative force - the "womb of creation".

"womb of the great mother earth gives birth to all"
 Guru Granth Sahib, panna 1020

"Wonderful are the winds, and the waters, and the fires that play wonders. Wonderful is the earth, and the sources of its production."
Asa di Vaar, Guru Nanak, Guru Granth Sahib

NATURE IN THE Guru Granth Sahib -

The language of the Guru Granth Sahib is very nature and earth centred. The term 'har' is repeatedly used to refer to the great force of life, the one godly source from which all existence arises and to which all things merge. 'Har' means the green one! Many different terms are used in the Guru Granth Sahib to describe the qualities of the one creator of existence. 'Har' is the most numerously used, signifying a deep connection with the nature creating and sustaining qualities of the one being.
The central source of life is equated and described in various forms of nature - tree, ocean, sky, water and more.

"You are the tree; Your branches have blossomed forth.
From the very small and subtle, You have become huge and manifest.
You are the Ocean of Water. You are the foam and the bubbles on its surface."

panna 102

"You are the ocean, and I am Your swan." panna 884

"You are the water. You are the dry land.
You are the stream. You are the ocean.
You are the tree. You are the leaf.
You are the earth. You are the sky.
I recite your name. I adore you.
I mediate on your glorious being."
panna 46, Dasam Granth, Guru Gobind Singh


"In the bowl of the sky, the sun and moon are the lamps; the stars in the constellations are the pearls. The fragrance of sandalwood is the incense, the wind is the fan, and all the vegetation are flowers in offering to You...." panna 663, Keertan Sohila, Guru Granth Sahib

"The One source created the sun and the moon; night and day, they move according to One's wishes." panna 580, Guru Granth Sahib

"Air, water, earth and sky; the One source has made these a home and shrine." Panna 723, Guru Granth Sahib

 "The One infused light into the dust, and created the universe. The sky, the earth, the trees, and the water - all are the Creation of the One." panna 723, Guru Granth Sahib

"You Yourself the bumble-bee, flower, fruit and the tree.You Yourself the water, desert, ocean and the pond.You Yourself are the big fish, tortoise and the Cause of causes." panna 1016, Guru Granth Sahib

"You tear off the leaves, O gardener, but in each and every leaf, there is life. That stone idol, for which you tear off those leaves - that stone idol is lifeless. In this, you are mistaken, O gardener. The True Guru is the Living Lord. Brahma is in the leaves, Vishnu is in the branches, and Shiva is in the flowers. When you break these three gods, whose service are you performing?"
Panna 479, Guru Granth Sahib

* SIKH ENVIRONMENT NETWORK - 'Sarbat da Bhalla!'
Welcome to the SIKH ENVIRONMENT NETWORK - 'Sarbat da bhalla!' - a network of Sikh environmental activists, in England.


a) promotes a Sikh ethical perspective about protecting and supporting the earth as the 'paramount mother';
b) raises awareness amongst Sikh communities about nature, earth and the whole 'thread of life'; and,
c) supports campaigns for earth-protection and earth-justice, by encouraging humans to act ethically, sensitively and kindly to the earth and its animate and inanimate species.

Sikh ideals (defined in the GURU GRANTH SAHIB, a unique body of radical, profound wisdom written by the Ten Gurus) give upmost importance to the planet earth, as a sacred creation. It describes earth as a sacred living force, providing and sustaining multiple species of life - human, animals, plants, trees and much more. Sikh ideals ('sikhi' or 'gurmat') say that, the earth was created as a wonderfully vast and complex union of forces of life - sky, soil, water, air, sun, moon, rain, night, day, changing seasons and more; in a coherent, self-managing, self-equipped, equilibrium. That, "from the womb of the earth, all life has been created." That, earth is a living, breathing force. It is the 'mata dharth mahat' - the paramount mother.

 GOD inside and outside NATURE At the centre of all this existence, lies the powerful, benevolent hand of one creator, sustainer, destroyer. That, 'wonderous guru' - 'wah-guru', has created human life and fellow species, and gifted it with the abundant sustenance of the earth. The human species is a microcosm amongst millions of species of life, all springing from one source and reliant upon the earth's natural systems for life, food and habitat. All life and species are interdependent and interconnected, sharing a core DNA, biology and dependance on the earth.

* HUMAN - the most deadly species! Admist this wonderful panorama of life, powerful sections of human society (mostly western societies) and their systems of control and power (e.g. governments, financial corporations, mass religion, fashion and pop industry) have proven themselves to be the most and directly destructive species on the earth. No other species has inflicted pollution, destruction, slaughter and devastation like the gluttonous human. There is no remotely equal species. In its self-righteous and self-serving 'dominion' of the earth, the ruling domineering elities amongst humans (not the poor, the voiceless, the suppressed) has caused massive devastation. This powerful elite has induced a popular culture of consumption, fashion, meat-eating and so many other habits amongst the general mass population. This powerless, unthinking mass has adopted the practises encouraged upon it by the mighty forces of marketing, fashion, pop-star duplication, films and gigantic financial corporations (Mdonalds, Coca Cola, KFC, etc). This human society seeks to continue this unearthly, unnatural lifestyle; protecting its self-created right to its urban, car-centred, fashioned obsessed, consumption, throw-away, meat-eating lifestyle. Indeed, the human species is the most deadly species on the planet! Human societies have broken all the protective and sustaining rules of nature.

"You have made this Earth like a great dish of yours which the living beings get only once in their life. It is the great source of all the resources and materials needed by mortals. But the mortal becomes unsatisfied, and begs for more. His fickle mind brings him disgrace." panna 1190, Guru Granth Sahib

"The wreckless-mind continually does fruitless deeds, all puffed up with pride. When bringing home what he has acquired, through falsehood, such a person thinks that he has conquered the world." panna 723, Guru Granth Sahib

"Binding together water and air, the Almighty infused the breath of life into the body, and made lamps like the sun and the moon. The almighty has given us Earth to live and die on, but we have forgotten these blessings." panna 877, Guru Granth Sahib

* CLIMATE CHANGE ! The sudden great panic!

Climate Change is upon us, despite the denials. The earth is now responding back to the riotous pollution and damage it has suffered from these powerful humans. Are these powerful humans ready for the even more powerful response of the earth? The majority are in a casual apathy, continuing their robotic lifestyles as usual. A section of officialdom - government advisors, policy-makers, environmental 'experts' - are displaying an axiety about 'sustainability', 'carbon-emissions'. They too, however, are only concerned with continuing mainstream life as usual so long as some tweaks and modifications can be made to ensure that the earth works for humans - 'SUSTAINABILITY'. They want to save the planet for their 'children', so that they too can continue to enjoy the planet's gigantic warehouse of resources like them before.

"Such is the drama of the world...In an instant, all this false play shall perish..." panna 723, Guru Granth Sahib

The earth as an equal, as a supreme provider, as a living, breathing life force; has no rights and dignity of its own. It is simply a inert mass, upon which the human can intrude and grab at pleasure - killing, poisoning, bulldozing.

"Why should the created beings feel pride in their minds? The Gift is in the Hands of the Great Giver.
As it pleases the One, He may give, or not give.
What can be done by the order of the created beings?" panna 25

UNITY WITH NATURE! Sikhi stresses that, human life should work according to the naturally configured and ordained ('hukam') systems of life. These are complete and comprehensive. The human should feel a sense of sacredness and profound connection with the universality and infinity of life. Respect for nature, animals, the planet, alongside fellow humans, is integral to Sikh awareness and ethics.
Siki rejects entirely the current human culture of dominion and manipulation of the earth. The killing of animals wholescale for food, fur and cosmetics; the destruction of rainforests, the bulldozing of natural spaces for urban construction and other 'development' for human wants and goods; is a fundamental affront to Sikh ethics.

"O human being, whatever you can see with your eyes, shall perish. The world eats dead carcasses, living by neglect and greed. Like a goblin, or a beast, they kill and eat the forbidden carcasses of meat." panna 723, Guru Granth Sahib

Indeed, it is a moot point that, many 'modernised' Sikhs, disconnected from Sikh ethics, are happily and joyfully participating in this mass devastation. Sikh gurdwaras, Sikh businesses and Sikh homes have all the plentiful features of the modern consumer, wasteful, hair-style, polluting lifestyle. 'SARBAT DA BHALLA' is as much missing from modern Sikhs, as it is from the general mass of modern human society.


"Neither the kings, nor their subjects, nor the leaders will remain. The shops, the cities and the streets will eventually disintegrate, by the Hukam of the One's Command. Those solid and beautiful mansions, human fools think that they belong to them. The treasure-houses, filled with wealth, will be emptied out in an instant. The horses, chariots, camels and elephants with all their decorations. The gardens, lands, houses, where are all those things; which they believed to be their own, including tents, soft beds and satin pavilions? O Nanak, the True One is the Giver of all, revealed through all-powerful Creative Nature. " panna 141

"The mountains, the trees, the earth, the sky and the stars;
the sun, the moon, the wind, water and fire;
day and night, fasting days and their determination;
the Shaastras, the Simritees and the Vedas shall all pass away.
The sacred shrines of pilgrimage, gods, temples and holy books;
rosaries, ceremonial tilak marks on the forehead, meditative people, the pure, and the performers of burnt offerings;
wearing loin cloths, bowing in reverence and the enjoyment of sacred foods -
all these, and all people, shall pass away. Social classes, races, Muslims and Hindus; beasts, birds and the many varieties of beings and creatures;
the entire world and the visible universe - all forms of existence shall pass away." panna 237

The Sikh Environment Network is a growing network of environmentally minded Sikhs. Our aim is to help to inform, inspire and motivate through information, discussion, events and projects. Our motto and sub-tite is 'SARBAT DA BHALLA': Caring for all existence! Our vision and message is grounded in this central Sikh message of goodness and kindness to all life and beings. Our ideal is living harmoniously with the earth, respecting it, protecting it and nurturing it as a sacred being with its own independent rights of existence and living.
CONTACT: Jagdeesh Singh, SIKH ENVIRONMENT NETWORK, Slough, England |


'SARBAT DA BHALLA!' - Care for all Existence!